Knitting: Finishing and Beginnings

It is all together possible that I won’t be talking to a single knitter out there (Is anyone out there?) but just possibly this will relate a bit to any project that might be undertaken.  People often ask me how long it takes to knit something-socks, sweater, a toy-and I never know how to reply because I’ve always got a bunch of projects on the go at any given time.  Sometimes things stagnate or another project takes over because it’s at an interesting point or a project comes up that needs to be finished quickly, like a gift.

Above left: finished in 2 days for a shower gift.  8 hours knitting? *

Above right:  another pair I knit last year for my cute nephew (Niki’s Skylar)

So the amount of time I spend on a given project is anyone’s guess!  But I do have an unrule I go by about starting new projects, meaning that I don’t really have a rule at all but I just know when I really can’t start something else until I’ve finished something or a few things.  I guess there’s just a part of my brain that can’t handle any more and it’s really not related to the number of projects but more the type of projects.  If I have too many projects in a straight knitting phase at once, I don’t start anything new because these projects would stagnate.  This one took awhile for that reason but was just completed this month.


* This one also touches on the finishing aspect:  weaving in all those ends!


I like to have something I can take places and that is generally a small project like a sock or a sleeve.  It would not be a small project like a toy because I would have to follow instructions a little closer with that.  It’s nice to have something to work on during KeNan’s violin lesson but still be able to pay close attention to the lesson.  The sleeves of this sweater fit the bill for lesson knitting and progressed the project to a “fun” place in knitting.  Finished this month except for buttons because I decided to remove the button hole band and add a zipper.  Can’t wait to see how that goes!


Knitting and a puggle (Pug/Beagle mix)  Her name is Rinley.  Adorable! *


So how can this apply to other projects in life?  Well think about baking, trying new recipes (check out the salve post Niki wrote, great stuff!), desiring to add in a little art or nature study to your homeschool, exercise (my current really need to add!)  We can get really overwhelmed with our current to do list when we’re also looking at all the things we want to incorporate.  But it goes back to that thankful position.  Thankful for the ability to knit, bake, etc.  Thankful for moments of time do something restful.

I have hoarded enough yarn to start a new project on a whim, and see all those finished projects up there?  Now I can start a new project!

Be triply blessed,



*Pattern:  Rocky Joggers in the Max&Bodhi collection by Tin Can Knits

*Pattern: Danzig by Justyna Lorkowska

*Pattern: Antler by Tin Can Knits

My knitting projects can be found here Ravelry  where I am Johnston4kids. This is a free sign up site for patterns and logging your projects.

I can also be found on Instagram as Johnston4kids and I post a lot of my projects there as well.


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