Home…can home ever be defined?

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is

There’s no place like home

I’ll be home for Christmas

That last one made me think over the Holidays this year (last year:2016)  We spent two weeks in Ohio for Christmas and New Year.  Ohio is where we (my husband, Brian and I) both grew up, got married and had kids.  We now have lived in Florida for nearly four years.  I found myself wondering, “Am I home for the holidays or not?”


I enjoyed the sparse trees of the winter Ohio landscape.  I got use to the gray again–did you know Ohio has more gray days than Seattle?  I even managed the chill pretty well–thank you, Rick and your wood burning stove.  There was an amazing sunset one day with big puffy clouds.  There was a beautiful, clean, white snow.  The beauty of Ohio amazed me yet again but I found myself realizing that the little house in the woods with a creek bubbling behind was no longer my desire.  But THE home set in the woods with a creek bubbling behind was home, felt like home!

We stayed with my brother and his family–wife, Niki, of this blog, and their 5+1 kids (+1 no longer living at home)–in their little house in the woods!  We brought our 4 kids+1 (+1 Floridian cousin) and a dog to the mix.  Most families would never be able to manage this, but we do this as often as we can in Ohio or Florida.


As we drove down I95 toward “home”, my husband and I both commented on the beautiful sun setting over the expanse of swamplands.  The next morning I sat down, glad to be “home” and yet adjusting to this “home” again.  A feeling of peace and rest came over me.  I’m home, the same home I experienced for the past two weeks.  Me, I am home, I am home to the God of the universe and His peace and great Love washes over me.  I’m not always the best conduit of that love and the stress of returning home can put that to the test!

Morning is a good time for me to spend with the Lord and over the last couple days more words of affirmation have come to back up this feeling of home.  Jeremiah 17:5-6 talks about the type of person with dried up faith who is relying on their own understanding.  Jeremiah 17:7-8 talks about the person who is being watered by the source, a tree that is planted firmly does not have to do the watering.  Then a prophecy from this morning (found here: One Voice Ministries ) talks about looking for His glory and expecting it to manifest in everyday places, wherever you are, whatever you are doing!  Exciting to be so secure in His love!  God is good!


PS  Some knitting got done too!  Lots of knitting got put to good use!  Reading!


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