Summer Dreams

We belong to an amazing homeschool co-op and I love the drive it gives us throughout the school year, but by the end of the year I am so looking forward to a break!  So my mind starts gearing up with summer break plans.  Prior to the co-op, we homeschooled year-round usually taking a nice end of May-early June break.  I am basically keeping that mindset but our actual curriculum will have been finished so I get to think about all of those fabulous resources that we never seem to have time for and dream about delving into all of the “extras”.

I also had our annual portfolio review last week where we basically chat about the homeschool journey and I gain wisdom from a tried and true veteran (12 kids!) as well as receive encouragement and possibilities for the year ahead.  One statement that sticks out is to pray specifically about the giftings God has placed into each of my kids and how best to draw those out.  This is something I’m not especially good at, or maybe my kids aren’t good at it–we’ve all heard the stories about the kids who like sea animals, start lapbooking/notetaking practically on their own, gain a position shadowing a research scientist and now have a college degree and are working in the field.  Yeah, my kids have never had such a singular focus–does digging holes count?

Anyway, my dreams and my kids dreams, summer learning at it’s best!

Both kids would like more animal studies so I pulled out this:

BIP-06-374x490Christian Kids Explore Biology

We will simply be doing the section on animals along with some nature cards we already have and some simple googling.

Next up is a book I will use throughout the upcoming school year as well:

51MKqjI9t+L._SX383_BO1,204,203,200_Vincent’s Starry Night

This book has a picture of a piece of art and a story about the artist or piece that follows a timeline flow.  Our co-op uses Mystery of History, having just finished the ancient time period, I will read up to the next time period to catch us up over the summer.  In the fall I will start in with the middle ages/church history to match our history curriculum (possibly reading this in the co-op as well)

The last “core” will be an introduction to Shakespeare.  I have struggled to add Shakespeare in for years and I think I never delved in because I had this we must really DO Shakespeare mentality.  But it dawned on me that I could just dapple in Shakespeare and keep returning to him as I see fit.  He also fits well with the upcoming time period and I found this book:

51c3RyWLgfL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Stories from Shakespeare

Amazon description:  In Stories from Shakespeare, Marchette Chute opens wide the gateway to the most varied and glorious world ever created by one man. Her retellings of all thirty-six First Folio plays are superbly lucid. It is not Ms. Chute’s purpose to provide a substitute for these immortal comedies, tragedies, and histories; rather she seeks to provide the modern reader with essential insight into Shakespeare’s narrative genius, clarifying the intricacies of plot and sharply delineating a host of characters, major and minor alike.  Nuff said.  Actually I will add that we will read the original after reading a play from this book and hopefully add in one or two of the historical plays next year.  They used to do Shakespeare in the park in Columbus, Ohio where we used to live, it’d be great to find something like that here!

Then there are the book lists!  I read aloud throughout the year, and there are always more books to read!  Here is the summer list:

51gl9m0UjnL   51GeFqfUZiL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_   51Cp5ZhaPUL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_   412FVXe-41L._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_

The Betsy-Tacy Treasury  This is one I will just read to KeNan (9) I have been wanting to read one of these for a while and it came up as a kindle deal–still on sale for $1.99!

Owls in the Family  Another one that has been highly recommended and it will go nicely with the animal study.

At Home in the World  This is a memoir about a family that travels.  It is not written for kids necessarily but we can always put it aside if it doesn’t grab our attention.

A Murder for Her Majesty  We just started this one and I want to finish it up before reading the others.  I believe this is in the Sonlight catalog.

Lest anyone become overwhelmed by this list (No comparisons!) please realize that there will be a lot of times that none of this will happen and a lot of time that only reading will happen.  But if we get very ambitious, I would like to begin studying Italian (gearing up for Riley’s trip in the summer of 2018) and get back to some drawing exercises.  Aside from that KeNan really needs to work on basic reading skills and I will pull some books for Hawkin(14) to read (he’s reading Sherlock Holmes right now too).

What are MY dreams?  Knitting, of course!  I have a lot of reading plans too.  Future post?


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