To Know Him

cropped-cropped-griffith_231.jpg One unique day when the kids were away with dad (which doesn’t happen often) and I was running (which really doesn’t happen very often lol), I was wanting to hear more from God about my life, specifically about our possible cross country move, and also to just have some alone time with Him.  He puts on my heart that I could share these things He is doing in me with others in a blog.  My first thought was yeah right, I’m not great at articulating.  But then of course, that’s what trusting in Father God instead of ourselves is about.  That’s why we all needed Jesus’s great love to give up His life so that we could be forgiven & set free to this new life.

Oh, I forgot to mention that along with me on this journey of blogging, I have ropped in my sister-in-law, Jen Johnston.  She is very gifted at communicating, writing, teaching, mothering, knitting and a lot of other talents I admire; one of which is seeking and learning from Father God.  I guess you could say I’m Martha from the bible and she is Mary, sitting at Jesus’s feet.  ☺️

So, I’m big on lists and thought a brief list would help explain what I would like to share on this blog:

1. What Father God is teaching and doing in me as well as Jen.

2. Encouragement for mothers everywhere in life.

3. The exciting world of herbs and oils – my fun hobby

4. The enjoyment of knitting – Jen’s fun hobby

5. All the things God has taught us on our homeschooling journey.

6. Fun links of being creative with herbs, knitting, homeschooling, etc. as well as spiritually freeing teachings.

7. Plus links to seeing and purchasing our own creative works of art.

So here is the beginning of the blog Knowing Him with Niki and Jen; curious and excited to see what God does with it!  I pray that we all come to know that loving Abba Father God more and enjoy this blessed life with Him and all He brings into our lives.

Gratefully yours,